Safety Management System

MTSI provides documentation, procedures, systems and training for the implementation of a ship specific Safety Management System on board yachts. Vessels under MTSI’s expertise are provided management through their computerized peer-to-peer, auto synchronizing system. They provide full shore support, guidance, 24-hour emergency response and maintain a current database of all applicable rules and regulations. Their key relationships with the Flag States, Class Societies, and other Maritime Advocacy groups allow them to maintain up to date knowledge of all aspects of the maritime industry and regulations.

MTSI also provides Safety Management procedures and manuals specific and practical for the operations of yachts. They perform an initial inspection and setup of the vessel, working with the crew to prepare the manuals and provide ongoing training on new procedures and best practices. When planning international voyages, MTSI will advise and assist in any additional certifications which may be required for the countries to be visited.

Financial Management

As a full management company, MTSI offers a wide variety of services including financial management. This service includes accounting and bookkeeping, setting up and management of bank accounts, crew provisional credit cards, worldwide petty cash transfers, verification and payment of invoices and purchase orders, monthly / annual budget planning, end of month / year reporting, and the implementation of onboard accounting software as well as the training associated with that software.

MTSI recognizes the significance of providing accurate and transparent financial management which is why they provide yacht operational account management using online account monitoring and management software. This software provides owners, representatives and captains easy access via a browser or app, providing a real-time view of a yacht’s expenses. Its user-friendly interface provides easy access to all crew, captains, owners and management. Invoices and transactions can be loaded and unloaded instantly 24 hours a day via the platform.

Crew Services

MTSI understands that any vessel is only as good as its crew and that finding and keeping good crew in today’s competitive market can be a challenge. As a result, MTSI offers assistance with these challenges by providing a wide-variety of crew services. These services include Crew Payroll, Crew Placement, MLC Compliant Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEA), Crew Insurance (Medical / Dental), MLC Crew Compliance, Submission of Seaman’s Discharge Books, Crew Endorsements, Watch / Engine Rating Certifications, Crew ID Cards and Computer – Based Training (SSO, ECDIS, Crisis and Crowd Management and Security with Designated Duty).

Employing crew members carries a certain level of risk for Owners which is why many professionals recommend working through a separate crew employment company. Appointing a separate crew employment company can shield Owners from potential liabilities that come with hiring crew on their own. MTSI works with an employment company called Carrick Maritime Limited (CML) which is based and operated solely within the jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands. No offshore accounts or monies are required to be maintained by or on behalf of the Shipowner.


MTSI’s proprietary tracking software minimizes the workload for captains and crew by removing the burden of having to track countless certificates, licenses, documents and deadlines. MariTrack Full Service includes all data entry, just drag and drop files into MariTrack’s database and their team of maritime professionals will take care of the rest.

MariTrack sends automated emails to alert clients whenever expiries and due dates are approaching. Clients may also sign in to MariTrack to view all upcoming due dates, locate specific items, and quickly access their documents. By applying MTSI’s knowledge of maritime regulations and removing the strain of data entry, MariTrack can help vessels get organized and stay organized for years to come.

Technical Support

MTSI provides a system of comprehensive technical support that brings about peace of mind to its clients. Their extensive in-house technical experience and knowledge, together with a network of specialists, consultants, surveyors, manufacturers, shipyards, sub-contractors and suppliers, allows MTSI to respond to any challenge encountered in the operation of a large luxury yacht.

MTSI’s Technical Department provides operation and maintenance best practices, planned maintenance systems (PMS), refit and repair planning assistance, refit project management, 24/7 emergency response center, application of rules and regulations, replacement equipment assistance, technical reviews and insurance claims assistance, technical documentation control and technical inspections and audits.


MTSI offers regulatory and technical consultancy relating to statutory safety and security (ISM / ISPS / MLC) management for quality large yachts. Their staff consists of professional marine yacht captains, former flag administrators, marine surveyors and engineers with extensive personal experience in administering, surveying and running large yachts, commercial and military vessels.

Their consultancy services include regulatory compliance, certification compliance, ISM / ISPS compliance, Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) consultancy, technical consultancy and yacht operations consultancy. MTSI’s objective in respect to consultancy is to assist owners, captains and crew in navigating the everchanging maritime rules and regulations while providing the best experience possible for its guests.

Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan (NTVRP)

An NTVRP is provided to assist a vessel’s personnel in dealing with an unexpected discharge of oil when operating in the U.S. The plan makes use of flowcharts and checklists to provide the Master, officers and certain crew members with a practical guide through the various actions and decisions which will be required and to carry out the responsibilities associated with the US Code of Federal Regulations.

MTSI provides NTVRPs for hundreds of vessels on an annual basis. They are one of a few management companies with the designation of Qualified Individual (QI). Their service includes a vessel specific NTVRP manual, detailed training plan, and access to their 24-hour emergency response center in the event of an emergency. With MTSI, vessels also don’t have to worry about multiple points of contact in the event of an emergency as MTSI’s process only involves a single point of contact for all response situations.