Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan (NTVRP)

On September 30, 2013 the Final Rule on Non-Tank Vessel Response Plans (NTVRP) went into effect requiring all non-tank vessels 400 gross tons and over to submit and have an approved NTVRP before January 31, 2014.

An NTVRP is provided to assist a vessel’s personnel in dealing with an unexpected discharge of oil when operating in the U.S. The plan makes use of flowcharts and checklists to provide the Master, officers and certain crew members with a practical guide through the various actions and decisions which will be required and to carry out the responsibilities associated with the US Code of Federal Regulations.

MTSI provides NTVRPs for hundreds of vessels on an annual basis. They are one of a few management companies with the designation of Qualified Individual (QI). Their service includes a vessel specific NTVRP manual, detailed training plan, and access to their 24-hour emergency response center in the event of an emergency. With MTSI, vessels also don’t have to worry about multiple points of contact in the event of an emergency as MTSI’s process only involves a single point of contact for all response situations.


Q. How long does the application and registration process take when applying for an NTVRP?

A. MTSI recommends a 45-day notice to begin the application process. The United States Coast Guard can take up to six weeks to approve an NTVRP.

Q. How long is an NTVRP valid for?

A. An NTVRP should be renewed on an annual basis unless the vessel plans on NOT entering U.S. territorial waters in which they may choose to deactivate their plan.

Q. What happens if a vessel does not have an NTVRP or does not renew it on time?

A. In most cases, a vessel will be denied entry into U.S. waters until it has a valid NTVRP.

Q. How can a vessel begin the process to register for an NTVRP?

A. MTSI can assist with the application and registration of an NTVRP. Their process is simple and straightforward, giving vessels peace of mind knowing that they can focus on their day-to-day routines while MTSI handles the procedures of application and registration. 

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